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How to listen to the music

You dont need to know very much about computers, internet and streaming techniques. What you need is a decent media player that can handle mp3 music files. One of the most popular players around is Winamp which would be a good choice. Another great mp3 streams player is Realplayer and once you have one installed on your computer it will show up on this page as an embbeded player.. Now you need just a simple click and you can listen to our stream in a second or two. Mac users should try Mac AMP.


We offer two separate links to our stream:

Listen to stream 1
    Lower quality for low speed dial up listeners (64 kbps - stereo)

Listen to stream 2
High quality for broadband listeners (128 kbps - stereo)


Bear in mind that we play different types of music styles (gpysy, eastern european, arabic, jazz, etc.)during 24 hour period. It might happen that what you hear right now doesn't go smoothly into your ear and you don't like it. We recommend you to stick with it for a little while or go away and come back later when we're playing something different.

Still problems with listening to?

If you're having troubles using links from above there is another easy way of how to tune in.
Most of the players will work as long as you "Open URL" and then paste the adress of the
audio stream.

Winamp instructions: Open winamp, press CTRL + L and paste one of these adressess:

Low speed stream - 64kbps           http://radio.pekarna.org:8000/libraradioLo.ogg
High speed stream - 128kbps         http://radio.pekarna.org:8000/libraradio.ogg

Windows media player: Click file, then "Open URL" and paste one of adressess.

Remember:    Libra Radio offers you music which is seldom played on terrestrial radios. Even worse is on the internet. Use Google and try to find gypsy music played live trough the internet. Let's say that you're not familiar with this kind of music.You come to our page, you tune in and you get hit by a gypsy brass band with wild trumpets playing strange things in an unknown rhythm. It might easily happen that you get scared or/and annoyed and ask yourself:

What the hell is this thing? Which idiot plays this?

I would call it a good start for the beginner because what you just did was an epiphany ( literary a moment of sudden very strong emotions ) or in other words - you just expressed your passion. And this is all about gypsy music, it brings very strong emotions out of people. Mostly very positive emotions. So, take your time and try to hear a bit more than only 30 seconds of it. Next tune you hear might push you into re-evaluating of what you've thought two minutes ago. The best thing is to come back here and there and get a complete impression of this webcast.


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